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Not only can you find books specifically written about Las our selection you can delve deep
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This slide-show is a carefully curated presentation of books covering all the many facets of Las Vegas life,
as well as the historic sociological & design influences leading up to its creation and on-going evolution.

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About this Slide Show

This slide-show is fairly wide-ranging and contains books and dvds relating to Las Vegas: Travel Guides,
Writings about Vegas and its Culture, Casinos and the Gaming well as books on Gambling.

There are a few books shown on Food & Dining, Strippers, Cab Drivers, Cocktail Servers, Prostitution,
Poker-Blackjack-Slot-&-Craps Players, Vintage Slot Machines, Maps of Nevada, Nevada Mining and
Ghost Towns. Followed by the Best Las Vegas Movies ever filmed. Also followed by a dash of items on
Northern Nevada's Burning Man annual gathering (relevant as example of Nevada's cultural freedom).

The second half of this slide-show then displays a thorough presentation of the historical influences
which led to the creation of this unique, American city. Here is a list of the subjects covered:

Old West Saloons & Bordellos. The California Gold Rush & Silver Bonanza of Virginia City's Comstock Lode.
The Barbary Coast & Ghost Towns of Nevada. The Hucksterism of P.T. Barnum and the elegant showmanship
of Florence Zeigfeld. Nickelodeon Theaters, Early Hollywood, Beverly Hills & San Simeon. The Movie Industry,
MGM Studios. The evolution of LA's Sunset Strip. Burlesque Theater, the 1930s Nightclub Era, Dude Ranches,
The signage of Times Square. Coin Operated Entertainment Devices such as Juke Boxes, Pinball and Vending
Machines. 1940s and 1950s Post-War Advertising & Design. Car Culture & Roadside Architecture. Gigantism
& Neon Signage. Motels. The American Highway System. The development of Commercial Avaiation. Googie,
Tiki and Populuxe Design. Palm Spings. Route 66. The History of Billboards and Signs. The Southern California
Architectural and Cultural Influence. The Design & Service aspects of Gas Stations, Diners, Drive-In Theaters &
Restaurants. Post-War Fashions. Sexualized Advertising & Imagery in Pop-Culture. 1962 Seattle World's Fair.

With over 375 items in this slide-show and the additional 500 more in our bookstore (just below)
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In Old Las's


Under The Neon Sky

A Las Vegas Doorman's Story
By Jay Rankin

Vegas MGM Doorman's Book ABout the Service Industry. In Association with

"A great read!"

Amazon Reviews

"Jay Rankin commands words like a gifted painter wields a brush."

Daniel Flurry

"Jay's experiences in Vegas are real. Highly recommended."

Barbara Brabec

Whale Hunt in the Desert

By Steve Cyr & Deke Castleman
Author & Editor of over 50 Las Vegas books

Vegas Book About Highrollers. In Association with

" of the best."

USA Today

"...employs a mixture of genial charm and rocket-fueled salesmanship."

FHM Magazine

Leisure Architecture of Wayne McAllister

By Chris Nichols

History Book on Las Vegas Architecture. In Association with

"McAllister elevated commercial structures like the drive-in art forms"

The New York Times

"Think of how many people have lived in, or even visited, a Frank Lloyd Wright and then compare it to the
number who have visited his [Wayne McAllister's] Las Vegas hotels. Millions more people have been influenced
and affected by their quality."

Alan Hess, architectural critic

This is a wonderful biography about the amazing life & work of, architect, Wayne McAllister - designer or the
Auga Caliente Casino at the age of 19. He went on to design the Biltmore Hotelthe Hollywood Roosevelt's
Cinegrill, the Zebra Grill, Lanai Rooms, Clover Club, Arrowhead Springs Resort, the Los Angeles Pig & Whistle,
Simons', Wich Stands, Roberts Meloday Lane, Hody's, Herberts, Van De Camps and Bob's Big Boy Drive-In
Restaurants. He went on as the architect of many popular So-Cal diner-houses like Lawry's Prime Rib,
Mink's & Richlor's and the Smoke House.

In the 1940s McAllister designed the first Strip casinos in Las Vegas - The El Rancho (1941), Desert Inn,
(1950), The Sands (1952) and Hotel Fremont (1956). This is an great biography of an influential architect.

Roll the Bones - The History of Gambling

The Most Thorough Gambling History Book, Ever!
Written by UNLV's Director of Gaming Studies - Dr. David Schwartz.

UNLV'S David G. Schwartz Book - Roll the Bones - History of Gambling Book Cover. In Association with

"An epic story with an epic cast....Remarkable"

The Washington Post

"...diligently traces the evolution of cards, dice, board games, bingo, lotteries, horse racing , and cockfighting"

The New York Times

You can find many of these Las Vegas books at the UNLV Library and can search their site below:

University of Nevada Las Vegas - Library Search

Smith Center for Performing Arts

Coming - January 15th, 2013

New Book on Las Vegas' Smith Center - Coming January, 2013. In Association with

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