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Vegas History in Rare Film & Video Clips

Specially selected and curated old Las Vegas videos chosen from You Tube postings over the last six years.
The Ultimate Collection of Home Movies, Film Clips, Theatrical Movies & Newsreels of Old Las Vegas.
Containing the Best Amateur & Professional Film and Video Footage of Las Vegas posted on YouTube
from 2006-2012. Including Long Forgotten, Vegas Based, Television Shows, Music and Entertainment.
This webpage contains over 21 total hours of Las Vegas video & film clips.

These Videos Are Provided by the Great, Las Vegas Loving, Members of YouTube. Many Thanks!

Old Las Vegas Casinos, Drives, Sights & Entertainment

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There are 49 videos in this custom player. They will automatically play sequentially. You can click
any video to play it or use the bottom-right arrows to move thru the other pages of videos. Most
videos have sound. A few are silent. You can see the full list of the 49 videos below.

Video Player One - List of 49 Videos

* Bugsy Seigel, 1942, at the El Rancho Hotel (in brown coat).

* Mint sign installation & Grand Opening 1957.

* Evanescence sings among the sign relics in the Neon Boneyard.

* Tourism film, 1956, 'The Las Vegas Playground'.

* Movie scene from the 'Amazing Collosal Man' 1957.

* Neon Boneyard tour from Voyager TV.

* ABC TV Show 'VEGA$' 1978 Intro.

* James Bond Movie scene 'Diamonds Are Forever' 1971 Fremont chase.

* Home movie of Vegas Neon 1959.

* Scene from 'Lost in America' 1980.

* Fourth Anniversary of the Sands Casino with Sinatra, Lewis & Jayne Mansfield.

* Noel Coward and celebrity friends at Desert Inn.

* VEGA$ Season 3 Intro.

* Charlie's Angels in Vegas 1979.

* Movie Trailer from 'Lookin to Get Out' 1982.

* ZZ Top's 1984 Viva Las Vegas music-video.

* Dead Kennedys sing Viva Las Vegas for Fear & Loathing movie.

* Go-Go-Pool Party at the Dunes 1965.

* Opening scenes from 1964s Viva Las Vegas showing Vegas aerials.

* Home movie from 1956 showing sights (with sound).

* Home Movie circa 1959 showing Vegas Strip.

* TV Pilot for the VEGA$ TV Show 1978.

* Evel Knievel 1969 jump of Caesars' Fountains.

*'s website slideshow video.

* Home movie Old Vegas 1959.

* Opening scene to Coppola's 1980 movie One Fron The Heart

* Cousin Eddie & Clark Griswald go to the Klondike Casino.

* Movie Preview for Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

* Stardust Resort's 50 Year Tribute film.

* Driving the 1991 Las Vegas Strip.

* Home movie Vegas 1955.

* Home movie Vegas 1963.

* Bugsy Siegel in Palms Springs 1942.

* Home movie Las Vegas in the 1950s.

* Nevada & Its Resources 30 min Dept of Int. documentary.

* Home movie from the Sahara Hotel.

* Scene from Viva Las Vegas showing The Landmark & Convention Center.

* Movie Trailer for 1950s Las Vegas Shakedown.

* Elvis sings & dances Viva Las Vegas.

* Home movie of Las Vegas 1960.

* Into to Dean Martin's Celebrity Roast at the original MGM Grand.

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Video Player - Box Two

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This Video Player Two contains the following videos: Home movies from 1961, 62, 66 & 1976. Ocean's Eleven,'s 5 Vegas Slideshows, Rain Man in Vegas, Bellagio's 1998 opening commercial, scenes
from Swingers, scenes from the 1974 movie The Gambler, Atom Bomb newsreels, building Hoover Dam, JFK in
Vegas, the MGM fire newsreel, Dunes-Frontier-Aladdin implosions, CES 1983, Howard Hughes, Amtrak train's
Desert Wind, scene from the movie The Las Vegas Story, a 1954 Mobilgas documentary on a road rally to Las
Vegas, The Ritz Brothers at the Flamingo, Angelina Jolie if her first movie scene at the MGM, a Travel Channel
story, the 2 hr and 40 minute Biography of the Rat Pack, a color clip showing the nightlife scene in LA, a 1964
clip of the Sunset Strip showing a Hotel Fremont billboard, an interesting look at 1950s commercial aviation.
Frank Sinatra's old Suite at the Riviera Hotel. Pawnstars' Chumlee finds Bob Dylan at Caesars Palace.
Counting Cars & Danny the Count at Viva Las Vegas' Rockabilly Car Show. Plus, Best of Chumlee.

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Video Player - Box Three

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Video Screen Three contains memorable Las Vegas Shows along with assorted history film clips of: Brintey Spears
2001 TV commercial, 'Honeymoon in Vegas' music video, Celine Dion's final appearances at Caesars Palace,
Britney Spears' 2001 MGM concert, Cher's Farewell concert at MGM, Elton John, Pearl Jam Vegas, Presley Vegas,
Greatful Dead in Vegas 1994, U2's Popmart Tour in Vegas, Mojo Rising at the Beauty Bar, Red Hot Chili Peppers
2005 concert for LV's Centennial, Dead Kennedy's 'Viva Las Vegas', Celine Dion 'My Heart Will Go On' Caesars
Wanda Jackson 1950s, Dean Z Early Elvis impersonator 2007, Louis Prima & Keely Smith 'Just a Giggilo song,
Tribute to the Rat Pack in Vegas, Mae West's 1957 Tropicana show, 1958 Jayne Mansfield at the Tropicana,
Elvis & Ann Margaret early Sixties, Tom Jones at Caesars 1980s, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis' Reunion at the
1976 Telethon with Sinatra, Julio Iglesias at Caesars, Marvin Gaye singing anthem at boxing match, Bee Gees
1994 MGM concert, 'Showgirls' movie scene, '3000 Miles to Graceland' movie review, Larry Holmes boxing 1980
'Mint 400' racing documentary from 1971, miscellaneous footage and Las Vegas photos from the early 1990s,
Sahara Hotel home movie from the mid-fifties, drive down the 1989 Vegas Strip, twenty minute documentary
on building Hoover Dam, The Las Vegas to LA 'Desert Wind Train', fireworks for the Palazzo Grand Opening,
Steve Wynn's 2008 TV commercial for the grand opening of his Wynn Encore Hotel.

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