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Vegas Magazine Collection - For Sale

Vegas Seven, Las Vegas Weekly, Vegas & Misc.

I'm selling my entire collection of Las Vegas Magazines.

* 78+ copies of (2010-2011-2012) 'Vegas Seven'.
* 65 copies of 'Las Vegas Weekly'
* 2 copies of 'Vegas Magazine'
* 1 copy of 'Desert Companion'
* 1 copy of 'What's On!' magazine
* 'Nevada Guide Annual Magazine' 1998
* 1 copy of 'High Roller' 2008
* 1 copy of 'Dusk' Pocket Magazine
* 7 pieces 'Casino Brochures, Maps'
* 5 '27/7 Pocket Magazines' (1998, 2001, 2002, 2008)
* 'R-J's 25th Anniversary 2006 Edition 'Best of Las Vegas'

This is a good deal for a rare Vegas Collector.
Price averages to just 80 cents each for over 156 Rare Mags.

For Sale for $125

156 magazines total for $125 (firm). Payment in Cash or thru PayPal.

If interested e-mail [email protected] or phone 778-9930 any time.


This is a sample photo showing 9 of the 78 'Vegas Seven' mags in my collection. They are in
very good condition and were especially saved based on the subject interest of the issue.
There are many 'Best Of' issues & lots of Vegas Seven's Special Double-Issues & early 2010s.


This photo shows some of the other 78 Vegas related publications I collected over the years.
There are over 65 very good condition editions of memorable 'Las Vegas Weekly' magazines,
plus over 12 different special magazines, such as the 2006, 25th Annual
'Best of Las Vegas' R-J issue (seen on the right).


These are some of the 4"X6" '24/7 Pocket-Guides' (a Vegas publication that was only around
for a very short time). These issues are from the year 2000. There is also an issue of the
very short-lived publication called 'Dusk' and another called 'Vegas 2 Go'.


This photo shows the entire stacks of 143 (total) Vegas Seven's & Las Vegas Weekly mags.


The stack of 11 magazines, at the very left, are good issues...but some have creases or
spots on them...which is why I didn't include them in the list of 156 other magazines.
Still. Their contents are quite good and I will throw this batch of 11 magazines in for free
to the first person to take advantage of this rare and excellent collection I'm selling.
I will also include a small stack of some 1997 Vegas Hotel brocheres & fold-out Wynn Map.

Plus - Selling 'Riviera Display Sign'

13" x 46" Cool, Rare, Basically Obsolete, Plastic Taxi-Cab Roof Sign
(capable of being wall-mounted or being back-lit).


This is quite a rare and unusual plastic sign that was used to advertise the year 2000
Riviera Hotel's show called 'Splash'. It was once placed into the top of a taxicab's
roof-advertising display rack, where it was back-lit to glow. It can be used as a wall
display, simply by tacking or framing it on your wall. Or. If a person decided to, they
could make a unique, back-lit display rack and display it it the optimal way it once was.


This is a close-up shot of the sign above. It's in very good condition. I truly doubt
that a similar sign even exists or could be found anywhere. As for the $75 price...I think
it is darn fair. Ask yourself what is more rare. A 2"x6" piece of green-paper with
Ben Franklin's photo on it...or a 13"x48" color-printed, plastic sign of these
Vegas Showgirls. I'd say this is much more rare. Yet, I'm not even asking $100 for it. Just $75!

Year 2000 - Girls of Splash - In Thongs

For Sale for $75


If you look at the white-border around this sign you will see 12 marks surrounding it.
In this photo this might appear to be blemishes or pieces of tape. They aren't. They
are the registration markings used by the printer to ensure proper alignment of the
three stage color-registration process. Anthing that appears to be marks or blemishes
on this sign are simply reflections from the camera-flash I used. This sign is great.

Plus - Selling 35 Rare & Obsolete
Las Vegas 100th Centennial Poker Chips

For Sale for $75


This $75 price is for all 35 chips. I'm not selling them individually. They are standard clay chips
produced for the 2005 Anniversary of the founding of Las Vegas. I've never seen these
listed anywhere, not even on E-Bay. I don't have time to sell them there, but if I did,
I'd likely list them for $5-7 apiece, due to similar chip prices there, plus thier rarity.

I live at Flamingo Ave. & Decatur Blvd. which makes for easy pick-up.

Sample of the Mags in this Collection

Vegas Seven 7 - Great Bars.

Great Bars Issue - March 2011
Two Copies

Vegas Seven 7 - Beauty.

Beauty Issue - May 2010

Vegas Seven 7 - Best of the City.

Best of the City - Double Issue - July 2011

Vegas Seven 7 - Restaurants.

Best Restaurants Issue - October 2010

Vegas Seven 7 - Brushes with the Mob.

Brushes with the Mob Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Cheap Eats.

Cheap Eats Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Cool Getaways.

Cool Getaways Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Dana White.

Dana F***ing White Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Eco.

Ecology Issue
Two Copies

Vegas Seven 7 - Essential Waters.

Essential Waters Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Fall Arts Preview.

Fall Arts Preview Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Fall Fashion.

Fall Fashion Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - First Anniversary Issue.

First Anniversary Issue
Two Copies

Vegas Seven 7 - Future of Mass Transit.

Future of Mass Transit Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Iron Man.

Iron Man Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - King of Film Fests.

King of Film Fests Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Knock.

Knock Knock Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Ladies of Mixology.

Ladies of Mixology Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Last Shot Glory.

Last Shot Glory Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Legend of the Pit.

Legend of the Pit Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - More Than a Building.

More Than A Building Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Most Interesting Men.

Most Interesting Men Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - NASCAR Fast Lane.

NASCAR Fast Lane Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Our Empty Spaces.

Our Empty Spaces Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Saving the Preserve.

Saving The Preserve Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Senator Reid.

Senator Reid Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Solar Dreams.

Solar Dreams Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Storytelling.

Story-Telling Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Summer Simmers.

Summer Simmers Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Summer Survival Guide.

Summer Survival Guide Issue
Two Copies

Vegas Seven 7 - The Business of Celebrity.

The Business of Celebrity Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - The Upshot.

The Upshot Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - The Winner.

The Winner Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Tivolli Village.

Tivoli Village Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Top Docs.

Top Docs Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Vegas Gets Smart.

Vegas Gets Smart Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Wine Lover's Guide.

Vegas Wine Lover's Guide Issue
Two Copies

Vegas Seven 7 - Why Not?

Why Not Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Nightlife Awards.

Nightlife Awards Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Cocktail Culture.

Cocktail Culture Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - City Center.

City Center Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Looks Like Spring.

Looks Like Spring Issue

Vegas Seven 7 - Summer.

Summer Issue
Two Copies


The UNLV Run to Glory Issue
March, 2010

Las Vegas Weekly

Vegas Weekly - Chinatown.

Chinatown Issue

Vegas Weekly - Marijuana.

Marijuana Issue

Vegas Weekly - Old Vegas.

Old Vegas Issue

Vegas Weekly - Acrobats.

Acrobats Issue

Vegas Weekly - Adventure.

Adventure Issue

Vegas Weekly - Cat Woman.

Catwoman Issue

Vegas Weekly - Favorite Steak Joints.

Favorite Steak Joints Issue

Vegas Weekly - Food Trucks.

Food Trucks Issue

Vegas Weekly - Guide to Downtown.

Guide to Downtown Issue

Vegas Weekly - Thankful.

Thankful Issue

Vegas Weekly - UNLV Heroes.

UNLV Heros Issue

Vegas Weekly - 2011 Best of City Awards.

2011 Best of Vegas Awards

Vegas Magazine

Vegas Magazine - Stamos.

Rebecca Stamos Issue

Vegas Magazine - Brown.

Brown Issue

Desert Companion

Desert Companion - Great Hikes.

Great Hikes Issue

High Roller

High Roller - Jennifer Tilley.

Jennifer Tilley Issue

What's On

What's On - Mob Experience.

Mob Experience Issue

Assorted 24/7 Magazines

27/7 Magazines & Brochures.

Assorted 24/7 Mags & Miscellaneous Brochures

156 Magazines Total

Too many to photograph all of them individually here.


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